12gauge Float/Spinner rig Bullet Lure

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Tournament winning float rig! We collaborated with the Big Fish Angler fishing team to bring you the a fun new rig to your arsenal. Great for any type of bait fishing, freshwater or saltwater, this bullet lure has caught catfish, striped bass, halibut, lingcod, and rockfish.

The 12gauge float/spinner rig takes your favorite float rig and ups the game.

  • Scent holding sponge & prop blade to disperse scent and attract more fish
  • 12 gauge shotgun shell float
  • Quick clip for easy changing of hooks
  • Heavy nylon covered wire leader

This rig has been tested by and against the best. The Big Fish Anglers used this rig to take 1st & 2nd place in Wild West Whisker tournament and then place 4th in the California Tournament of Champions Invitational.


  • add 3 circle hooks to complete your rig.
  • Choose between 65# wire and 135# wire

note: 65# rig was tested and held to over 65lbs, 135# wire held to scale max of 100lbs. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Henry R
quality catfish rig

I like the quick swivel for the hooks. I like to freeze the bait with the hook inside and just swap them out. Its also built really well, I've caught some 20pound cats and the wire leader was fine. Thanks for making these great rigs.

Sam Eldridge
Great bait rig

Bought this to fish for catfish and it worked great, but then I used it in the ocean and caught some sharks, Rays, and even a halibut. Love it especially the heavy wire version.

Patrick Walker
Improved catfish rig

Everything catfish rigs have, but the prov blade and scent holder make it way better. First time I tried it I caught all my fish on it and the other rigs ddin't get a single bite. It takes all the other rigs and makes it better.

Bobby Gray
Best Catfish Rig I've used

Tested it against the demon and big bertha, caught all but one of my catfish on the 12 guage. Its the best catfish rig I own

Hog hunter
Great float rig

Great float rig for catfish, fact that it’s a 12gauge is just a bonus. Caught a few big blues on it, the heavy wire held strong. Thanks guys.

Thank you for the support, glad your catching hogs with them.