25mm Rattle Bullet Lure

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Be the first to the bottom with our biggest jig. This heavy jig gets to the bottom quickly, even in strong current, and attract bites with their loud rattle! We are using a large J-Hook to decrease chances of snagging the bottom. 


  • Weight: 24oz  or 32oz (Both Rattle)
  • Skirt colors: red, orange, white, pink/purple, UV, black/purple, black, or assist hooks
  • Top assist hook now available!

*Jigs are over 8” in length (not including the hook)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Andrew Harris
    Big ling and reds killer

    Caught a lingcod and limits of reds every trip with this. I was usually the first one to the bottom and first to get hooked up. Stayed down even in strong current.

    Douglas Cook
    Good jig for the new regs

    Used this at 400' and caught my limit of reds pretty quickly. The double assist hook worked really well for me. Eveyrone should have this for the new regs.

    Miles Sanders
    Killer Deepwater Jig

    I've caught a bunch of rockfish and lingcod on the 50cal and had to try this out and it did not disappoint! Second drop got a big lingcod and limits of reds on the day. Great new jigs for the deep drops.

    Alex Peterson
    Big bullets get bit

    Big jigs catch big fish. Fished over 400' with and caught limits of big reds and a nice lingcod. Such a fun jig to use.

    Willy Harris
    Great for deep jigging

    Fished this off the channel islands over 400ft deep. It shot straight down to the bottom and got hooked up immediately. Had my limit of big rockfish halfway though the trip. Its a heavy jig, but if you're fishing that deep you need it.