20mm Jig Bullet Lure

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The ultimate deep water jig. This lingcod killer uses a 20mm shell, shoots to the bottom, makes noise, and is an absolute fish killer; huge lingcod and rockfish beware. 


  • weight: 14oz rattle or 24oz (no rattle)
  • skirt colors: red, orange, white, pink/purple, UV, black/purple,  or assist hooks
  • Add a pair of our 22 teasers or a single 223 Teaser and save!

NOTE: The 14oz Rattle is more popular weight.

*All shells are nickel - is 6” long without the hook


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Steve Wilson
Best deepwater jig

Even with the change in depths I still caught limits with these. Fished over 400; anad it still got down quickly and held the bottom.

Noah H
Great for catching reds

The bullet literally shoots through the water reaching thebottom quickly. I've been the first one to hook-up on numerous stops. I also like to use the 22 teasr above it, bring up 2 big reds every drop.

Landon Ryan
Coolest jig I’ve owned

Love this jig! When I fish deeper water this shoots to the bottom and gets bit really fast. The noise it makes has to be the key. My biggest lingcod and rockfish have been caught if this bullet jig. Thank you!

Fred Young
Best lingcod jig

They're right, they shoot right to the bottom and get bit. I was consistantly the first one down and catch the first fish

Austin Davis
Great Jigs

I went fishing out on the Starfire and some guys were using these. They were catching way more fish than everyone else on the boat. After a while I asked about them and they let me borrow one. I immediately caught 2 big reds on my next 2 drops. Sop here I am getting a few and the 22 teasers to use with them. Great jigs that are really cool and effective.