Musky & Pike Lures

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A fun lures for hunting musky, pike, and large Bass.

  • 300 in-line w/ Colorado
  • 223 In-line w/ Magnum Colorados
  • Blades45 Spinnerbait w/ Willow Blades
  • 45 Spinnerbait w/ Willow & Colorado

The in-line spinners use big water churning blades and flashy skirts excite all the toothy critters.

The 45 spinnerbaits weight 1oz, use large blades and have larger skirts to entice a bite.


NOTE: these are handmade when ordered so please expect some delay to your order 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nathan Gonzales
Great lure

Had the original with long skirt which was nice, but I just got he new tinsel skirts and its big and flashy, perfect for musky. Can't wait to tyr it out.

Jacob carver
Solid Muskie lure

GreAt lure for muskie. I love the weight, can cast this lure a mile. I works with slow deeper retrieval or keeper it on too moving water with those blades!

Richard Rogers
Musky bullet

The tinsel skirts on this musky lure are fantastic, adding bulk and lifelike movement to the lure, making it irresistible to muskies.

Vincent Evans
Good pike lure

The blades on this musky lure spin well, even at slow speeds. I haven't got a musky yet, but have caught some nice 2' pike.

Justin Howard
Fun pike lure

The 45 spiinerbait is great. I use the colorado blades and slow roll it across the bottom. Caught quite a few pike on it.