May Bass Fishing Tournament

May 1st-31st

Win $150 cash, gift cards to our website and West Coast Anglers

Everyone who enters will get something from us at the Armory

How to Enter

  • No signing up
  • Catch a bass on our lures
  • Post 2 pictures of your catch
  • First picture with our lure in the bass's mouth
  • Second picture measuring the fish
  • Tag @fishingarmory @westcoastanglers_ @bigfishanglers


  • Fish must be caught on one of our lures
  • Longest Bass wins
  • Bass needs to be measured mouth to tail (mouth at 0)
  • Entire fish must be visible
  • Have code FABT written on hand in picture 
  • Freshwater bass only and not striped bass
  • All post after May 31st will not be eligible

This is meant to be fun, please don't ruin it. Read & follow all the rules. We have final say on everything involved. IF you have questions please ask for clarification.