12 gauge Popper Bullet Lure

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Top water assault on Bass with our 12gauge Popper! Made with a real 12gauge shotgun shell, our popper has twin tails and treble hooks off the back and in the belly. We’ve caught double digit largemouth, smallmouth, and striped bass on this bad boy. Watch the video to see how it swims, kicks, and pops as well as some jumbo largemouth bass its produced!!

weighs 1/2oz

Customer Reviews

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Tyler Hanigan
Fun top water popper

Caught a nice bass on my second cast. I like how it floats and moves water when you retrieve it, fun lure than works great.

Cool Concept and great results

Love the concept, but I thought this would be more of a novelty item until a friend used it and got a bass pretty quickly. Tried it out and ended up putting a few bass on deck and now I use it when its topwater time.

Nice Upgrade

Adding the second back hook has worked out well. hookup rate has gone up since the new version came out. Love breaking out this popper in the spring.

Eric Woodley
Love this popper

HAd to buy it just for the concept, but then it works great. I've caught a bass everytime I tie it on. Thanks for making these.

Dixie Bassin

I was real skeptical about this lure at first. I was wondering how I would fish it, would it even float, how am i going to avoid getting snagged with that huge trebel hook on it? Im happy to report that shotgun shells make for Awesome lures!! Very versitile, you can use it like a popper, or burn it like a wake bait. The skirt they put on it is very reactionary, when your popping it they look like the legs you would see on most typical hollow boddied frogs. When used as a wake bait the flutter and shimmer resembling a fish tail swimming through the water. I was only able to catch one fish on it due to hook location. Plenty of fish blew up on it, just was not able to get the single hook in their mouth. Thats honestly the only negative thing i have to say about it.