Bladed Bullet Lure

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9mm and 45acp bladed jigs are great for hunting bass. With the great combination of flash, vibration, quality and bullets, you'll be hooking bass in no time. This versatile jig can be fished in a variety of ways, including slow-rolling, burning, or jigging, particularly effective when fishing in shallow water or around cover, such as weed beds, fallen logs, and rocky areas.

We have a nice selection of colors and sizes to meet whatever weather or season you are fishing.


    • Caliber: 9mm - 1/2oz or 45acp - 1oz
    • Blade Color: Stainless or Gold
    • Hook Size: 9mm: 4/0 or 6/0 hook, 45 comes in 6/0
    • Skirt: Chartreuse, Shad, Black w/ blue flake, Green Pumpkin, Orange/Yellow, Red/White/Blue

     Note: 45acp uses a magnum blade


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Philip Green
    Fun Bass Lure

    I got bit on the way down so many times it was awesome,have to stay ready. Good weight, able to cast it around easily

    Norman Groff
    Can’t wait to try these

    Well made fun jig. I’ve seen all the pics and want to try them back East. Going to try for tog and see what I can get.

    Bite on my first cast

    Firstcast caught a nice largemouth bass. Week later caught a pair of 5-6lb bass. The 9mm version is better but I’ve caught some bass in the 45 in deeper water

    Devon Tills
    They catch fish

    I love this jigs. I’ve caught calico and largemouth bass in the same jig. Makes fishing a little more fun when you’re throwing a 45shell out.

    Great lure

    Great lure for double drop loops. Got plenty of big reds, ling cods and sheepheads on these. One of my favorites for the deep drops.